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How to find out the product key (device id) of Inobitec products
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The product key is a unique identifier for the device, which is required to bind the license key to your device and activate the programm.

Inobitec DICOM Viewer

The product code is in the "Help" - "License" menu.


Inobitec DICOM Server (PACS)

1) View product key via command line. This method can be applied both to a not yet installed program, and to an already installed one:
  1. Unpack the archive with the distribution (if the program is installed, skip this step)
  2. Open Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Linux)
  3. Enter the path to the directory with the unpacked distribution or to the directory with the installed program. By default this is C:\PACSServer (for Windows) and /srv/PACSServer (for Linux). Go to the "bin" directory.
  4. Run the "pacs_server" file with the "-p" key. The command will look like:
    Windows >pacs_server.exe -p
    Linux $./pacs_server -p

2) Viewing the product key via a web browser, the program must be installed and running.
  1. Open the web console of the DICOM Server in a browser by going to the address:
    Where ip-address is the ip address of the device on which the DICOM-Server is installed.
  2. Click the "License" button in the upper right corner of the window.


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