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List of services provided by Inobitec Technical Support.
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Deploying the current version of the Inobitec DICOM Server.
The purchase of a license is not required, the installation can be done in demo mode.

The demo mode of Inobitec DICOM Server includes 2 connections (AETitle) and the ability to store up to 100 studies. The distribution package of the program in demo mode does not differ from the full version; after entering the license key, the restrictions are removed automatically, all declared functions become available. Reinstallation of the program is not required.

Deployment includes the installation of Inobitec DICOM Server, the configuration of 2 connections with DICOM viewers (including other manufacturers, if they work according to the DICOM standard).
Configuring connection to the Inobitec DICOM Server.

Configuring the connection of the Inobitec DICOM Viewer to Inobitec DICOM Server, or setting up a connection to Inobitec DICOM Server to work in the Regional DICOM Server mode
Deployment of the current version of the Inobitec DICOM Viewer. Activation of the trial period (if necessary)

The trial period of the DICOM Viewer is 30 days of free work with the program, regardless of the edition.

Deployment includes installation of the current version of Inobitec DICOM Viewer on any supported operating system, setting up a connection to the Customer’s DICOM server (if the DICOM Server is already configured, it works according to the DICOM standard and meets the system requirements).
DICOM Server Update.

Updating the version of the Inobitec DICOM Server program to the current one, updating the database structure.
Import of the studies.


Import existing studies on Inobitec DICOM Server.
Optimization of DBMS settings.
Collection of statistics and application of DBMS settings for the current workload and size and database. Collection of subsequent statistics.

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