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General information about paid services provided by Inobitec Technical Support
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We offers services for the software configuration of workstations, servers, virtual machines. The setup includes installation of the company's software products, as well as the necessary components for these programs to work, configure Inobitec DICOM Viewers and Inobitec DICOM Servers to work together, update them, import data, install and configure third-party software.

Services provided by Inobitec:

  • are provided by the Technical Support Service specialists, whose high qualifications make it possible to quickly deploy and configure the necessary Inobitec products, regardless of the complexity and specifics of the equipment on which the Customer works, provided that it meets the minimum system requirements.
  • can be provided on different software platforms and operating systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS.
  • can be provided at a time convenient for the Customer by prior agreement.
  • are provided using a remote connection to the Customer’s equipment.
  • they are accompanied by specialists of the Inobitec Technical Support Service in case of problems in operation.

You can find a list of the services provided in this section.

Important information:
1. To receive services using remote access, you must connect to the Internet.

2. Some settings may require the Customer’s employee to be located at the device on which the installation and configuration is being performed.

3. Time costs may vary due to the configuration of the Customer’s equipment, or due to the use of software from other manufacturers, or due to the lack of the necessary software, libraries, drivers and system components on the Customer’s equipment.

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