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Error: Performing operation failed. Cannot add the file to DICOMDIR. Problem creating CD / DVD
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When writing research discs that have series with PR modality, an error occurs when creating DICOMDIR. The Viewer cannot write the DICOMDIR file to disk.


You have to turn off the creation of the DICOMDIR file when recording a disc in the parameters of the disc editor module. It's in "Options" - "Settings" - "Modules" - "Dicom CD/DVD creator".
The parameter is called "Add DICOMDIR file to the created DICOM CD / DVD image before writing data." You have to uncheck the box.


Without a DICOMDIR file, some DICOM viewers from other manufacturers will not be able to open research data, or opening will take longer. Inobitec DICOM Viewer will be able to open study data (Without DICOMDIR file) without delays or errors.

Instructions links:
Chapter 14. Disk Creator
15.4. Modules

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