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PACS server resets the entered license key after a reboot. (Linux)
Last Updated 5 years ago

After entering the license key, it is accepted by the PACS server, restrictions on the trial version are removed, the PACS server is working in normal mode.
After restarting the computer, all connections are saved, but you cannot add new ones, you cannot add new studies. In the License window, the previously entered license key was not saved, the product code did not change.

(Using the example of the supported CentOS7 operating system)
You must grant write permissions to the pacs user for the PACS server directories. To do this, enter the commands one by one:
  • chown -R pacs: /etc/pacs-srv/
  • chown -R pacs: /srv/PACSServer/
  • chown -R pacs: /var/log/pacs-srv/

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